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Chairman & Managing Director


Being the Founder of Darwin Platform Group Of Companies, Mr. Ajay Harinath Singh is positioned as Chairman & Managing Director of DPGC. Further, owning a 99% stake in the closely held limited company, it is the leadership of Mr. Ajay Harinath Singh that has catapulted its vision into its present growth trajectory and stature at this moment. Under his directorship & guidance, the Darwin Platform Group of Companies has expanded and taken its business across geographical boundaries in high-growth sectors, such as Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Mining, Information Technology, Healthcare, and Aviation, turning the Group into a multinational conglomerate.
Mr. Singh, being a charismatic leader, oversees several of the company's business units in Greece, Italy, Ukraine, Germany, United Kingdom, among a few other countries. He has enthusiastically managed to bring along a team of CEO’s to manage the Group's other businesses spread all over the globe.
Some of the many hats donned by Mr. Ajay Harinath Singh ...
  • The President of Singh & Sons Holdings PLC - The Parent Company of the Darwin Platform Group Of Companies).
  • The Founder, Chairman, & Managing Director of Darwin Platform Group Of Companies.
Despite his busy schedule, Mr. Singh actively takes interest in the Group's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. Highlighting a few among the list are building hospitals in Latur (Maharashtra) and Bhuj (Gujarat) for the underprivileged, in rural parts of India, who have unlimited access to modern medical facilities. Nearly Rs. 250 crores have already been raised to fund this ambitious project. Further, through AHSF Food Charity, Mr. Singh has established a kitchen that offers free meals to the needy in India. This concept has been expanded up to Philadelphia with 1000 meals per day and London by serving 3000 meals per day. The kitchen distributes free vegetarian meals that are preservatives-free plus highly nutritious.