Ajay Harinath Singh
Chairman and Managing Director
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As the name suggest the voice of new generation Mr.Ajay Harianth Singh , he has not only been the voice for the industrial generation but also for various other fields. Mr. Ajay Harianth Singh always believed in his fathers saying  ‘never stop working.’

Mr. Ajay Harinath Singh was born on November 6, 1980, in India. He grew up in a family that was accustomed in mining, shipping, agriculture, and finance. In 19th century, Singh’s family was considered one of the most prominent business families in India. He established the Darwin Platform Group of Companies in 2010, which primarily focused on oil and arm ammunition.

The Singh family’s national prominence began in 1980, with the birth of Master Ajay Harinath Singh in Mumbai, India. Ajay Harinath Singh was known to be Money Changer who had Mastered the Trade of Finance. He developed a finance house and spread his empire by installing each of his blood brothers and their sons in the main European financial centres to conduct business. The Singh’s coat of arms contains a Two lions holding a sword ,with a eagle watching from the heads with a four color stability with a rising tree with a sudarshan chakra and a trishul with Om marked on the sword symbolizing the dynasties established by the sons of Zamindaar Jabraj Singh, in a reference to Ajay Harinath Singh’s Grand Father ”

Ajay Harinath Singh is currently the Chairman of the Darwin Platform Group of Companies owning 96% of the company. He oversees several of the company’s branches in Russia, Greece Italy, Ukraine, Germany, and the UK. Singh is also the president of Singh & Sons Holdings PLC.

Rahul Ganpule
Chief Executive Officer
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One of the earliest employees to join the Darwin Platform Group of Companies, Rahul is the media face for the company on the Jet bid, and has been quoted extensively in various media outlets. Due to his sharp intellect, quick analysis and understanding of various business affairs, he quickly climbed up the hierarchy to his present position as the CEO of the Group. Known in the industry as an astute operator, Rahul is the brain behind some of the latest Group ventures. A graduate from Mumbai University, he has a work experience of over 2 decades ina cross-section of industries in the public and private sectors.

Haresh Mahapatra
Chief Financial Officer
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A Commerce graduate from The Mumbai University, Haresh commands over three decades of experience in the industry. A seasoned professional in international accounting, corporate & international finance, Haresh is also an expert in international Merger & Acquisitions, international accounting practices and financial restructuring.

Farhad Vijay Arora
Chief Operating Officer
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Born in a family that has close links with Bollywood and industrialists, Farhad is armed with a Doctorate from The Mumbai University. A post-graduate specialisation in Marketing, Industrial Psychology, Human Resources, Sales, Law and International Trade. A devoted entertainment lover, he went on to complete a Speech, Drama and Piano course from Trinity College, London.

Farhad has a reputation of importing marquee automotive brands, such as Ferrari, Maserati and Aston Martin in India. He has performed both infront of and behind the camera and heads a successful film syndication business of over 5,000 titles in 11 languages from over 150 countries.

Besides supporting and promoting talent, Farhad is associated with N.A.B and Aliyavar Jung National Society for Clean Cities and supports a battery of deserving under privileged children.

At Darwin Platform Group of Companies, Farhad is the COO and is responsible for managing the Group's myriad business interests and is always on the lookout for potential acquisition targets to quickly identify and tap into every business opportunity.

S Prabhu Dinkar Singh
Head - Global Operations
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