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  • Date 2022-07-05

DPGC operates in sectors like Healthcare, Defense, Finance, Banking, Agriculture, Mining, Logistics, Airlines, Avionics, Shipping, Realty, Infrastructure, Information Technology, and Education. Due to the COVfD-19 crisis, the focus has shifted towards the Healthcare sector and Darwin Platform Pharmaceuticals Ltd has started catering to the growing health-related needs of people. In 2020, the DPGC's entry into Cooperative Banking in India is the epitome of the vision and foresight for wealth creation and nation-building of its young Indian business tycoon. The entry into Cooperative Banking is yet another initiative by the DPGC Jed by its Chairman and Managing Director Ajay Harinath Singh- The Prince of Sultanpur and the descendent of the lkshvaku clan. He comes from Lava (The Son of Lord Rama) lineage. Lava belongs to the lshkavaku clan or Suryavanshi Dynasty of Kshatriya in ancient India and Ajay Harinath Singh's caste - Suryavanshi claims their descent from Lava. With a glorious lineage, Ajay Harinath Singh is passionate about nation-building through strong and innovative models. The ultimate aim of DPGC's businesses and initiatives in India is to create wealth and boost the economy. With its Cooperative banking arm, DPGC is all set to revamp the existing structure of its operations with new technology, highly experienced people, and processes which include robust banking-IT infrastructure, internet & mobile banking, new-age digital marketing, institutional partnerships, and member-centric services among others. The Group plans to expand the scope and operations of Cooperative Bank to meet the requirements of individuals, small businesses, Cooperative societies, farmer groups, associations, salaried customers, and professionals from various fields. The members or customers, coming from these segments, would experience the new age banking system within the cooperative framework. As the company has enough resources to meet its expansion plans, internal and external borrowings are not on its business agenda currently. With its funds, in 2019, the Group forayed into Middle East Countries and planned to make a huge investment in the Special Economic Zane of DUQM, Oman for refineries, infrastructure, Aircraft manufacturing, and petrochemical projects. In 2020, DPGC joined several global giants for collaborations in avionics and defense production. In India, it forayed into Cooperative banking and transport sectors.